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Drive your banking business from OneScreen

OneSolution Diagram

OneScreen is the world’s first enterprise–level Rich Internet Application (RIA) specifically developed to deliver retail core bank and finance applications. Together OneScreen and OneFramework form Microlink’s revolutionary Customer–Driven Banking Suite – OneSolution.

A next generation application, OneScreen is a compelling alternative to existing bank interface technologies. Providing a unified experience for all of your staff, it will link all of your technology and customer channels.

OneScreen delivers your core bank and finance technology, integrates with your existing databases and back-office, and supports your customer–facing applications, including online and mobile banking. OneScreen can be deployed as a conventional core banking solution and Islamic core banking.

OneScreen enables a complete customer-centric view of your customer data, product data, and auxiliary finance services. OneScreen fundamentally transforms the way bank staff use applications on a daily basis and increases their productivity, cross selling opportunity and customer service capability.

OneScreen works in parallel with OneFramework and MiBS core banking to complete the OneSolution product suite. OneScreen can also be integrated into your existing bank suite.

Enable a single customer view
Our customer-centric architecture coupled with the integration of CRM functionality ensures a unified view of the customer across all channels and products.
The Customer360 user experience is augmented by an integrated cross–selling functionality to enhance your customer’s product sales experience.

Translate customer insight into your knowledge
Banks, more than ever, require customer insight to assist in making informed and profitable decisions. With the integration of our ShareSpace application, staff will be able to collaborate and share banking process and product knowledge.

OneScreen is your knowledge powerhouse. Customer interactions are captured as customer insight, and used by sales and marketing users to match customer needs to your products and services.

Configure your own banking experience
The suite is augmented by our Configurable Banking Platform. This empowers your technology team with the flexibility to add and even innovate new modules to ensure all OneScreen applications are based on your business process and customer strategies.