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Working with our clients to deliver the solutions they need for tomorrow. Today.


Financial Services

  • Helping clients achieve real-time banking, digital omni-channel delivery and faster go-to-market capabilities.
  • Solutions that are designed for Cloud and Mobile to meet the requirements of future banking, branchless banking and mobile.
  • Over 20 years’ successful track record in delivery of core banking solutions for conventional and Islamic banking
  • Implementation of multiple turnkey solutions and financial infrastructure projects.
  • Developing new state of-the-art core Islamic banking platform, in partnership with SAP Global, fully designed for Cloud and Mobile to meet the requirements of future banking, branchless banking and mobile
  • Serving some of the country’s leading insurance providers, with proprietary solutions for Takaful (Syariah-compliant) insurance, including an enhanced future-ready version developed in partnership with IBM
  • Financial Services expertise ensures complete, risk-free project implementation for clients to meet the future requirements of their market and those of their customers

Core Banking
One Solution

  • Unified Customer View
  • Banking Anytime, Anywhere, Any How
  • Modular Based Application
  • Unified Platform
  • End to End Straight Through Processing

Core Insurance

Our end to end solution addresses the entire business value chain for non-life insurance business eco-system.

  • Web-based
  • Fully integrated, from Agate e-Agency, Customer Database, Underwriting, Marketing, Claims, Re-insurance to Accounting
  • Comprehensive  statutory, management & financial reporting
  • Integrated with Third Party System such as JPJ, ISM, Merimen and etc


Enterprise Solutions

“Our solutions helps enterprises navigate and integrate the options available in the cloud”

“Enable organisations of all sizes to take advantage of flexible cost structures while adding value”

  • Helping enterprises navigate and integrate the power of the cloud
  • Providing new solutions that enable customers to unlock the value of data
  • Working to develop smarter cities’ solutions for governments and local authorities
  • Solving the challenges of integrating systems, adapting services, orchestrating data and rapidly creating modern, enterprise-grade APIs from different sources


  • Smarter cities


  • Mobile Apps Development on various mobile platforms
  • Manage multi-edge app experiences


  • Solutions for enterprise reporting, big data analytics and predictive analytics


  • Solutions on Cloud, Lift & Shift, Migration & Upgrade (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • IBM SoftLayer, Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure


  • API Management, Cloud Integration with SaaS, PaaS and on-premise services
  • API Monetisation


  • Customised FSI Solutions, Portal consolidation, Managed Infrastructure Services, Turnkey projects

Cloud-based, fully encrypted, disaster proof document management system

Fast and easy

  • Perfect page image quality
  • Small document file size

Advanced indexing

  • Searchable PDF
  • Indexing based on relevant keywords

Secure content collaboration platform

  • Highly secure and encrypted documents
  • ISO 27001 compliance environment

Access anywhere, anytime

  • Available over web and mobile
  • Easy search & share capability

Recyclable     • Eco-friendly

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Moving To Cloud

  • Cloud Adoption Assessment & Analysis – enabling a successful adoption journey to Cloud
  • Lift & Shift Cloud Migration Services for a smooth migration to Cloud
  • Cloud Managed Services –  ensuring successful operations on Cloud
  • Turnkey Cloud Development Services

IT Management Services

  • Project & Portfolio Management – helping enterprises prioritise investment with greater agility and less risk.
  • API Management – accelerating and simplifying integration between applications and maintaining security   
  • Infrastructure Management – delivering reliable and agile IT services through a unified monitoring and management solution
  • Service Virtualisation – accelerating your development and testing of apps for optimal customer experience
  • Automated Release Management – agile deployments with compliance and stability ensured

Application Development Services

  • Turnkey Project Development & Implementation – tailor made solutions
  • Application Support & Maintenance


  • Range of servers, storage and engineered systems hardware from leading industry principals
  • Related future-ready software solutions
  • Extensive multiple domain knowledge and systems integration expertise
  • Proven capabilities in solution architecture and complex large-scale project management



Solutions Delivery

Leveraging innovative technology to streamline, empower and drive greater efficiency in enterprises. Focusing on delivery excellence and managing key stakeholder expectations throughout the implementation lifecycle. Promoting networking and collaboration, transforming the way organisations turn knowledge into tangible actions.

Core team for Project Delivery: software development, technical architecture, quality assurance, change management, project management, solution design.

Technology-led, focused on custom-built programming languages and packaged applications.



  • Development – Software development, including web, application, integration, database and data migration, technical infrastructure, UI / UX design and data analytics.
  • Quality Assurance – ensuring code integrity and validation of solutions through multiple and stringent testing cycles.
  • Change Management – Managing change impact introduced by project implementation and ensuring coordination and standardisation of user-related activities.
  • Project Management – Project stewardship, ensuring tasks and outcomes are delivered to successfully complete assignments on time and in budget.
  • Solution Architecture – End-to-end solution integrity and roadmapping.
  • Internal IT – Working on office productivity, including emails, collaboration tools, management tracking tools and compliance.


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