Leading technology solutions provider with young, dynamic team and established track record across multiple industries.

Our Ethos


About the people we work with and for. Working for the better good of society by ensuring that our business helps people to live better, work smarter, grow faster.


Creative markets, reconnecting audiences, spawning new enterprises that change the way people interact, redefining boundaries in a global borderless world.


Acquiring the best minds for our business, pushing the boundaries to achieve optimum results.

Our People

Chia Yong Wei
Group Chief Executive Officer
Elwin Lim Yew Mun
CEO, Financial Services
Mah Chon Cheang
CEO, Distribution
See Kar Fai
COO, Solution Delivery
Felix Tan
Chief Technology Officer

Our Habitat

Young at heart. Dynamic and enthusiastic. Technology-led.

We are always pushing the boundaries to explore new opportunities and find better ways to do things. This mindset generates an vibrant energy across the organisation.

Maximising potential for our clients and partners.
Maximising potential for our employees.


Our Community

Fostering a caring spirit. Nurturing a creative environment. Building a network of excellence.

Attracting like-minded people who want to change the world with technology. Interested?

Contact us at hr@microlink.com.my