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Malaysian listed technology provider Microlink Solutions Berhad (Microlink) has signed a key Co-operation Agreement with Chinasoft International Technology Service (Hong Kong) Ltd (Chinasoft International) that forms the basis of a strategic collaboration for the two Groups to expand their footprint in the ASEAN market and develop a number of joint ICT initiatives.


Chia Yong Wei, CEO of Microlink, said, “This tie-up is a significant milestone for the Microlink Group. Chinasoft International is one of the largest software companies in the world and this alliance will provide us with access to a vast portfolio of technology and expertise and an extensive network.  This is a game-changing opportunity for Microlink and it will enable us to significantly expand our solution delivery capability.”


The partnership with Chinasoft International, which has a market capitalisation of HKD29 billion (US$3.73 billion), adds another significant strength to the Microlink and OMESTI Group portfolio following OMESTI’s appointment in 2020 by Huawei Technologies Ltd as one of only five Authorised Systems Integrators globally. OMESTI is currently engaged on a major project to develop and implement the Business Services Systems (BSS) deployment for Telekom Malaysia Berhad.


Simon Chung, Global Chief Operating Officer of Chinasoft International, said, “The Microlink Group is an important partner for us in this new technology venture. The strong synergy generated by our combined capabilities represents a powerful offering that we can bring to the ASEAN market. We are confident that this offering, together with the increased need for digitisation by businesses since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, will deliver significant positive outcomes for us.”


The Agreement specifically covers the promotion and implementation of a Software/Digital Factory, the formation of a Technology Innovation/Incubation Centre and development of a portfolio of Software Eco-System Solutions. Key target sectors will include telecommunications, government-related industries and Industry 4.0 business. While the focus will initially be on the Malaysian and Singapore markets, the partnership will also be entering other ASEAN countries, with Indonesia as the next destination.


Under the Agreement, Chinasoft International’s role will be to provide professional services and build up the pool of resources in Malaysia. It will also acquire and provide the required technology and solutions based on market needs.


Microlink will focus on Channel Sales Development and Customer Engagement in the local market. It will drive solution design and localisation of features and functions and continue to build new sales and services capabilities from Chinasoft International, and principal provider(s).


The Software/Digital Factory will be a hybrid onshore and offshore delivery centre, focusing on Huawei’s BSS and Digital Services, with resources and capabilities to deliver and customise Huawei’s CRM solutions. A large number of the Microlink team is already accredited in the implementation of the Huawei BSS.  The Factory will also comprise an offshore support and maintenance team working closely with Huawei’s R&D division.


The joint Technology Innovation / Incubation Centre will be set up to further co-develop use cases surrounding Huawei BSS and/or other Chinasoft International products. The eco-system collaboration hub will leverage on Chinasoft International’s extensive domestic ecosystem to replicate technology solutions to Malaysia and other ASEAN markets.


About Chinasoft International 

Founded in 2000 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, Chinasoft International is a global IT services, business solutions and cloud services provider. With a market capitalisation of HKD29 billion (US$3.73 billion), it is one of the largest and most influential software service companies in China. With 75,000 employees worldwide, its global presence includes branches in 28 cities in China and a further 18 centres overseas. Over the past 20 years, the company has been serving Fortune 500 enterprises and large- and medium-sized clients, with landmark results achieved in telecommunications, government, manufacturing, finance, public service, energy, and more. In 2020, Chinasoft International maintained its position as a Gartner Top 100 company globally by IT service market share, achieved revenues of over US$1.5 billion for the 4th consecutive year and consolidated its vision to become the world’s best IT service provider.

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