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IoT solutions are revolutionising the ability to predict potential disasters, as well as generating energy savings and reducing operational costs across several key industry sectors. Recognising the need to help authorities and facility managers deliver enhanced performance, technology provider Microlink has launched a suite of smart solutions powered by the Internet of Things [IoT].


The devastating effects of flooding and other natural disasters can now be mitigated or even prevented with the new Smart Environmental Management System.  Using IoT devices, the system collects and transmits critical data on rainfall, water levels, humidity and so on to enable better flood prevention and mitigation measures. It enables authorities to analyse risk areas and predict potential disasters, providing an early warning system. In the event flooding does occur, the system provides data on exact locations of affected areas with images overlaid onto maps in real time.


Reducing energy usage and bringing down the associated consumption costs are among the key priorities of facility managers. Smart Energy Management System enables energy usage to be monitored in real-time and operates using existing building power lines. By capturing data from different devices, the system is able to control operational parameters and minimise energy consumption across clusters of buildings or campuses. The solution can be deployed via web or mobile app.


In the agricultural sector, plantation and farm managers using the fully automated Smart Plantation System are able to monitor critical data such as temperature, moisture, conductivity and nutritional value. Utilising sensing technology run over an IoT platform, Smart Plantation enables farms to run ‘smarter’ by controlling vital functions that impact overall production quantity and quality, such as water usage.


Elwin Lim of Microlink’s Enterprise Solutions business, says, “IoT is a powerful enabler, with the capacity to provide vital data to operations teams in real-time. These three new solutions will transform the way authorities are able to predict and mitigate the extensive impact of flooding and other natural disasters, as well as helping companies reduce energy consumption and achieve greater efficiencies in operations.”


The launch of these powerful solutions coincided with the HPE [Hewlett Packard Enterprise] Innovation Summit held at the St Regis Kuala Lumpur. The highly popular event was attended by a large audience of tech execs all keen to learn more about the IoT solutions on offer.

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