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It’s no secret that having a cohesive team is key to a company’s success. This is why at Microlink, we emphasise the importance of building strong interpersonal links between and within departments. Our annual teambuilding event, themed “All-Aboard!” succeeded doing exactly that! The entire Microlink team escaped the office to a 5-star resort for a short while to collaborate in an environment that wouldn’t feel like ‘just another day at the office’.

Initially a little apprehensive, as most only interacted with each other in a formal business setting, colleagues were soon roaring with laughter as the energetic buzz filled the room. In one amusing activity, teams sought out their creative mode, to design race cars out of cardboard boxes, and then later, race them around tracks with human barriers and other obstacles. Participating in these teambuilding activities shifted the typical day-to-day workplace dynamic from serious to a more light-hearted mode; let’s face it, there is something strangely liberating about watching your boss run around a room with pieces of cardboard strapped to his body!

The sense of community between colleagues grew stronger and stronger throughout the day, and by evening, everyone had let their hair down for the beach-side dinner. Despite being wet and stormy, the occasion was nothing short of spectacular with talented members becoming stars of the night as they wowed the crowd with their singing and dancing performances. Even Executive Director, Gerard Monteiro made a spontaneous appearance on stage and had everyone singing along. Some team members were presented with awards such as Most Cheerful and for being the most generous Snack Supplier – they certainly light up the office in the most unique ways and even their smallest gesture contributes to the office well-being.

A sense of unity, camaraderie, and community was achieved during “All-Aboard” Teambuilding Event. How do we know? Positive vibes that echo through the office and an increased sense of friendliness too. To carry this momentum further, the company has introduced an 8-week challenge to everyone: KMs to Champs. With every kilometre clocked by either walking, running or hiking, Microlink will donate RM1 to an organisation which aims to inspire and build young minds for equal education. It has been a good start, and it has been inspiring to see colleagues bring their competitive spirit to achieve greater heights!

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