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The inaugural SmARTer Penang Hackathon held in early January 2018 set out to redefine the art experience in Penang, with the aim of making the Island’s rich arts heritage a global sensation.

Challenging young minds to think big and be creative, the Hackathon saw 88 contestants battle against each other to push out innovative yet viable solutions to help promote the Island’s best art pieces and art-related attractions to a global audience.

Business professionals and top minds in their respective fields were on hand as judges and mentors and did not hold back in providing insights and ideas for the transformation initiatives, which included special platforms and intelligent features for the art pieces.

Representatives from Microlink also joined in as subject matter experts, completing the line-up of judges and mentors alongside Aspen Group President and CEO Datuk M. Murly, Penang State Art Gallery Chairman Lee Khai, George Town Festival Director Joe Sidek and Penang State Museum Director Haryany Mohamad.

Pic from L-R: Partner & Alliance Director Daniel Wong, Wayne Low (Microlink employee and contestant),System Development Manager Jason Kho and CEO Elwin Lim


CEO of Microlink’s Financial Services business Elwin Lim said, “Many brilliant innovative ideas have come from millennials, particularly in from this digital-native era, and we expect many such ideas to be shared at this SmARTer event. The rich history of Penang Art should be preserved, experienced and certainly be the catalyst for change for Penang to be one of the most exciting destinations in Malaysia. These smART solutions are set to revolutionise one of the many ways for linking enterprise, government and the local community.”

Elwin Lim (right in pic) presenting the cheques to the teams of young Malaysians, who outshone the rest, in making Penang art a global sensation.


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